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The first step in establishing the best course of action for your website is a full SEO audit to check that your website is set up to achieve maximum potential.  The audit will enable us to see how your current site is structured, your current keyword rankings, technical set up and review other external factors influencing your search visibility.


During our SEO audit we take a comprehensive look at your website, searching for any possible issues that could be detrimental or easily tweaked and improved.  We will review historical traffic to highlight any potential algorithmic or manual actions that we feel may have been made against your website.

We include a review of your Google analytics and Google Search Console which includes looking at integration with your XML sitemap, robots.txt and other settings and functions to track goals, conversions and monitor technical issues.


You will be provided with a final audit report that outlines recommended updates that you should make to increase performance and indexing of pages.  We prepare reviews manually so these are not just a generic software generated report.

SEO Audit Fees will be based on the size of your website and if it requires an e-commerce review.

Fore more information on improving SEO performance for your website please contact us to request an SEO audit quote


Our website audit service is designed for businesses of all sizes from local sites to e-commerce and multinational sites.

What Our SEO Audit Involves

  • Site architecture
  • Social media visibility
  • Potential link preservation issues
  • Top website backlinks
  • Worst backlinks potentially causing issues
  • Competitor top backlinks
  • Further details as required in bespoke report
  • Current search engine indexing


  • URL structure including site domains and subdomains
  • Potential technical issues
  • Potential code issues
  • Potential design implications
  • Internal linking strategy
  • External linking strategy
  • Site content quality and strategy


  • On page SEO factors
  • Potential crawl issues
  • Potential duplicate content issues
  • “Unique factor” on dynamically driven websites
  • Keyword research and analysis (if requested)
  • Current analytics
  • Blog optimisation & pagination issues